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Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual

top gear club

When you become a member of TopGear Club, you're a part of the Mahindra family. It is an exclusive programme created to give a delightful and unforgettable ownership experience. Here's a quick glance through the benefits that will contribute to make the TopGear Club journey amazing.

Experience Experience
Excite Excite
Elevate Elevate
Escape Escape
  • TopGear Club welcomes you with a gift of security - a Personal Accident Insurance benefit of Rs. 25 lakhs
  • Range of Lifestyle benefits which includes Club Mahindra Holidays & many more
  • Exclusive offers from some of the best brands
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Now here's a chance to spread the happiness of owning a Mahindra vehicle by referring the premium NEW TUV300 PLUS to your friends and relatives.
Whenever your referred friend purchases the NEW TUV300 PLUS, you receive a gift worth Rs 3000 from Amazon

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Mahindra NEW TUV300 PLUS Mahindra NEW TUV300 PLUS


In addition to a great product experience, TUV300 PLUS offers a Customized Service Plan which includes maintenance & repair services along with road-side assistance, thereby enabling a low running cost. Available with the Mahindra Dealer Network, this plan will enhance the vehicle life and will make your ownership experience enjoyable.

  • Peace-of mindPeace-of mind

    You can be rest assured that your vehicle gets best of care and will serve you longer

  • enjoyable experienceenjoyable experience

    Worry free, you can be when all the requirements of your vehicle is taken care by us on a periodic basis.

  • SavingsSavings

    In longer run, you save money not only the maintenance cost but also when you vehicle becomes more durable.

  • Prolonged ConvenienceProlonged Convenience

    When your vehicle is registered for annual Maintenance Contract @Mahindra, your Scheduled services are taken care.

  • Increased resale value Increased resale value

    A regularly maintened vehicle with proper records command more price. Moreover this benifit is transferable.

  • CustomisationCustomisation

    You are the best judge of your driving needs, so we offer you completely customised pakages.

The annual Maintenance Contract will cover the following:
  • General Service - i.e. engine tune up, checking of lights/ battery/ coolant, adjustment of acceierator & clutch cleaning/ air cleaner/ spark plugs, etc as per the owner's manual.
  • Consumables mentioned in the contract will be replaced as per the prescribed service schedule.
  • Wheel alignment and balancing will be done at prescribed intervals as per the qwner's manual.
  • Free breakdown asistance will be provided all over india. Limited services in J&K and expect islands in case of repairs not possible at the site of breakdown arrengements will be made to bring the vehicle to service center nearest mahindra authorised.
Comprehensive AMC
  • Periodic + wear & tear of components (brake pads, suspension parts, etc.)
  • Additional warranty (in case of selection 3+ years plan)
AMC Type Years Kms Cost/Km
Comprehensive AMC 2 Yrs 100000 0.78*
Periodic Maintenance AMC 2 Yrs 100000 0.31*


This is an optional extended warranty scheme from M&M that covers unforeseen mechanical and electrical breakdown on your NEW TUV300 PLUS. Immediately after the expiry of your original warranty, the extended warranty is activated.

Why NEW TUV300 PLUS Shield?
  • Takes care of unexpected and non-budgeted expenses
  • Convenience of one-time payment
  • Provides better resale value for your vehicle
  • The benefits are applicable at all M&M authorised dealerships across India
  • Shield ownership is transferable even in case your NEW TUV300 PLUS changes ownership
What does it cover?

Any mechanical or electrical breakdown defined by your NEW TUV300 PLUS Plus dealer as a defect as per the terms and conditions of this warranty. Some of the covered items include (but are not limited to) :

  • Engine Parts
  • Transmission System
  • Cooling System
  • Steering System
  • Fuel System
  • Suspension
  • Electrical System (factory-fitted)
  • Chassis System
Note: Please refer to terms and conditions for complete details When does the Mahindra NEW TUV300 PLUS Shield start?

As soon as the original warranty expires

What are the eligibility criteria to register my NEW TUV300 PLUS under NEW TUV300 PLUS Shield?

Criteria mentioned below:

  • The vehicle must be covered under original warranty and should have not covered more than 3 years or 100,000 km at the time of registration
  • As per the maintenance schedule, the vehicle must have been maintained by an authorized M&M dealer.
  • The vehicle must be free of accidents at the time of registration.

For the all-new Mahindra NEW TUV300 PLUS with OE Warranty of 1,00,000 kms or 3 years

OPTIONS List Price
(In INR)
Option 1 : SHLD31 "NEW TUV300 PLUS (All Variants)"
4th Year or Up to 1,00,000 kms from the date of delivery of new vehicle whichever occurs first
If opted within 60 days from the date of sale of new vehicle Rupee 7237
If opted beyond 60 days but before 1 year period from the date of sale of new vehicle Rupee 7737
If opted beyond 1 year but before the expiry of original 3 years warranty of the vehicle Rupee 8237
Option 2 : SHLD32 "NEW TUV300 PLUS (All Variants)"
4th & 5th Year or Up to 1,20,000 kms from the date of delivery of new vehicle whichever occurs first
If opted within 60 days from the date of sale of new vehicle Rupee 13114
If opted beyond 60 days but before 1 year period from the date of sale of new vehicle Rupee 13614
If opted beyond 1 year but before the expiry of original 3 years warranty of the vehicle Rupee 14114
Option 3 : SHLD33 "NEW TUV300 PLUS (All Variants)"
5th Year or Up to 1,20,000 kms from the date of delivery of new vehicle whichever occurs first
If opted within 60 days from the date of sale of new vehicle Rupee10750
If opted beyond 60 Days but before the expiry of original 3 years warranty of the vehicle Rupee 11250
If opted beyond 3 years but before the expiry of extended 4th shield of the vehicle* Rupee 11750
Note: * This option is only applicable for vehicles which have bought 4th year shield option Disclaimer** The listed AMC costs/km are excluding GST
AMC doesn't cover any user damage & accidental repair; TnC apply
The coverage and exclusions are indicative. Please contact our dealer/service stations for the details
The terms and conditions mentioned above are as of this date; M&M reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms at any time.


  • Maintenance Tips
      1. Try to drive at a steady speed between 60 and 80 km/hr.
      2. Avoid accelerating or decelerating unnecessarily.
      3. Incorrect gearshifts can lead to an increase in fuel consumption.
      4. Keeping the leg on the clutch pedal leads to increased fuel consumption as well as damages to the clutch plate
      5. Under inflated tyres increase rolling resistance - this leads to higher fuel consumption.
      6. Keep the Air conditioner in "LO" mode (if the feature is available) whenever the ambient is not very hot.
      7. Additional weight leads to increase in fuel consumption - Remove all unnecessary weights like golf equipment etc when not required.
      8. For best fuel economy, use the recommended grade of engine oil & lubricants mentioned in the owner's manual.
      9. While at traffic signals, switch off the engine - A micro-hybrid equipped variant will do it automatically for you.
  • Safety Tips
      1. Safety starts with buckling the seat belt.
      2. Ensure all the passengers including the rear seat passengers are wearing the seat belt.
      3. We recommend that you use only genuine parts supplied by Mahindra & Mahindra.
      4. Always align top of the head restraint with the top of your head or as close to it as possible.
      5. Never use a mobile phone or personal music device while driving. This may take your focus off the road and lead to accidents.
      6. Do all preventive maintenance of your vehicle and stick to the maintenance schedule.
  • Driving Tips
      1. Always maintain speed limits & avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration.
      2. Never use the clutch pedal as a foot rest - it leads to premature wear of the clutch plates.
      3. Keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you.
  • Air-conditioning Tips
      1. For best AC effectiveness, use Recirculation mode.
      2. Try to park your car in shade.
      3. If parked in the hot sun for long, open all the windows completely to vent the hot air out before switching ON the AC.
      4. Clean the AC filter(s) at regular intervals.
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